Oliver Sykes
To my girlfriend Katie

to be with you i’d do anything/everything…if im grounded I would find any possible way to talk or text you and say ”goodmorning love” before going to school, I wish to be with you, but that’ll all change when I go to your front door and surprise you with a big bouqet of flowers, and a whole unch of stuff I bought you, and I bought you tons of stuff I hope you’ll like :), Im gonna try to move to georgia this summer, and not just visit you there, Im gonna try to be with you as much as I can, and if I can do that I promise you will have a bouqet of flowers at your door step every saturday and sunday morning with a note that says ”I love you”,


you’re sweet, nice, funny, cute, adorable…. and other words you are..just..they can’t be described. <3

FML i dont want to be here I want to be with you <3 <3

To Katie

I feel the sunny days light up my day, but its actually the way you love me, thats what lights up my day.

I feel that whenever Im depressed my friends are there with me, but actually you make all the depression go away.

I feel my stress will never go away, til’ I text you, or talk to you on facebook, and it all goes away.

I hate how I have to be here, and not there, with you… but whenever I talk to you, I feel im with you.

I love when you sent me that goodmorning message after the day I said I wanted to say goodmorning to you but couldnt because I didnt have time, becuse I had to go to school.

everyday im not talking to you, I feel like crying, or like the depression is coming back but really its not, its actually me saying to myself I will probably never see you or text you again, but really I will find a way to talk to you every way I can.

If I was grounded, witch I am now, I would even go to a friends place and ask them if I can text you on their ipod or iphone.

katie, I just wanted to let you know that I would do anything to be with you or text you, or talk to you on facebook.

I dont like you…

but I dont dislike you

I dont hate you…

But.. I love you and Ive loved you since day one <3

thinking bout my girlfriend Katie &lt;3

thinking bout my girlfriend Katie <3

My relationship status: taken by katie Marie
Future marriage: katie

My amazing girlfriend katie

My amazing girlfriend katie